Lightweight Brown-Green Roof Tarps


Lightweight tarps for sale, specially priced and packed for contractors. These roof tarps are specifically colored to meet the requirements of mortgage field service companies in their effort to comply with the requests of city code officials. These tarps are brown on one side and green on the other. These are the ideal tarps for temporary roof repairs, leaking roofs, damaged roofs, and property preservation.

Brown/Green Tarps

  • Brown on One Side, Green on Reverse
  • For Property Preservation Contractors
  • Ideal for Temporary Roof Repairs
  • Attach with Furring Strips (not provided)
  • Water, Tear, and Mildew Resistant

Ships from Ohio warehouse only

Lightweight Brown-Green Roof TarpsSite PriceQty
Size/Qty 20x20 (case of 4)$87.00
Size/Qty 20x20 single (1 qty)$19.75

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